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Water Tactics

Rainwater industry leader Tankworks has acquired Water Tactics and now offer tank cleaning and maintence services. Read more>

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Water Tactics specialise in rainwater harvesting systems, rainwater tank installation, tank cleaning and sludge removal, preventative tank maintenance, water pump service and pump repairs, water filtration systems and efficient irrigation.

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Reliable, professional service in the Greater Brisbane region of Queensland, Australia.

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Tank CleaningTank cleaning - domestic & commercial

Our comprehensively researched and tested equipment is designed specifically for the urban environment. .

Tank MaintenanceTank maintenance & pump service

Regular tank & pump maintenance protects water quality and extends the life of the rainwater system.

Water FiltrationWater filtration

We provide filtration solutions for all independent and mains water supplies.

Rainwater Storage SystemsRainwater tank installation & modification

Rainwater harvesting systems designed to facilitate capture, storage and use of your independent water supply. 


Efficient irrigation installation and maintenance services by a Certified Irrigation Professional.